4WD Adventures in South Australia


Touring South Australia takes you through diverse environments.  The state has lush, green country to the south where the annual rainfall is highest.  In contrast, the remote inland deserts in the north vary from glistening gibber plains to ochre red sand dunes.  White sand, pristine waters and exceptional fishing are a feature of the South Australian coastline.  The western coast is particularly spectacular, and the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight are breathtaking.  

A 4WD vehicle will take you to some of South Australia's best scenic landmarks, and allow you to enjoy the tranquillity of remote travel.  Some popular 4WD destinations include the Flinders and Gammon Ranges, and the desert regions even further north.  Eyre Peninsula, the state's south-east and the far west also offer some outstanding options for enthusiasts.

The map below roughly defines the regions as described on these pages.

Northern Region Western Region Southern Region

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