Bird Watching in South Australia

Kangaroo Island


One of South Australia’s premier holiday locations, Kangaroo Island offers some excellent bird watching.  Native wildlife and flora are preserved in many large areas across the island. 

One bird worth searching out is the Glossy Black Cockatoo, which can be spotted with luck. An extensive recovery programme has been adopted to protect this rare Kangaroo Island bird. One location where you have a reasonable chance of finding these wonderful birds is in the Western River Conservation Park on the island’s north coast. Take the walk down to the waterfall late in the afternoon, when the bird watching is at its best.

Many of the coastal areas are good spots for waterbirds.  Murray Lagoon, Pelican Lagoon and Duck Lagoon are also pleasant areas where waterbirds can be observed.

Australasian Gannet

Little Penguin

Boobook Owl

Brown Falcon

Pacific Gull

Glossy Black-cockatoo

Superb Blue Wren

Wedge-tailed Eagle

White-eared Honeyeater

Flame Robin

Crimson Rosella

Restless Flycatcher

Tawny-crowned Honeyeater

Fairy Tern

Sooty Oystercatcher

Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo

Musk Duck

Bush Thick-knee

Western Whipbird

White-bellied Sea-eagle


Jacky Winter

Varied Sittella

Diamond Firetail

Cape Barren Goose

Crested Tern

Peregrine Falcon

Beautiful Firetail

Black-faced Shag

White’s Thrush


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