The Simpson Desert

The Oodnadatta Track and Dalhousie Springs

Crossing the Simpson Desert

The Birdsville Track

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Bird Watching along this route



Birds of the outback are often species which cannot be found in or close to the city so it is truly rewarding to spend time with your binoculars or telescope in hand.  The trip we took in July 2004 covered a great many different bird habitats, which ensured a rich experience. 

Some of the most heavily populated areas were where there was a water source.  Pink-eared Ducks were happily sifting through the waters of a small pond early on the French Line for example.  This location was also occupied by a White-winged Stilt, some Orange Chats and a Red-kneed Dotterel.  With a bit more time, I am sure that many other species would have visited this tiny oasis.

I found it equally exciting to discover species on the gibber plains as it was to find Pied Honeyeaters calling everywhere in the desert.

Pink-eared Duck Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo
Black-breasted Buzzard White-backed Swallow
Spotted Harrier White-winged Triller
Australian Hobby Crested Bellbird
Australian Bustard Chirruping Wedgebill 
Black-fronted Dotterel Cinnamon Quail-thrush
Inland Dotterel White-winged Fairy-wren
Australian Pratincole Banded Whiteface
Diamond Dove Pied Honeyeater
Budgerigar Crimson Chat

Blue Bonnet Orange Chat
Bourke's Parrot Little Woodswallow

Listed below are some of the locations which I found most rewarding:


Clayton Wetland

Muloorina Station Camping Area

Coward Springs Camping Area

Beresford Bore, near the ruins

Algebuckina Waterhole

Lightly wooded area between Hamilton and Pedirka

Dalhousie Springs and close environs

Along the road from Dalhousie to Mt Dare

Purnie Bore

Anywhere along the Simpson Crossing

Eyre Creek Crossing

Diamantina River near Birdsville

Mungerannie Wetland

Cooper Creek Floodplain

Clayton Wetland


Brown Falcon

Between the Dunes

Simpson Desert

Two Orange Chats

Simpson Desert

Bustard in Flight

Simpson Desert CP

Pink-eared Ducks

Simpson Desert

Hoary-headed Grebes

near Dulkaninna

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