Scuba Diving in South Australia

Kangaroo Island

Western River Cove KI

There are many diving options on this wonderful island.  The local dive operators are very keen to share Kangaroo Island's amazing underwater features.    Seals and dolphins are often encountered by scuba divers who enjoy a boat dive and there is a strong possibility of sighting a leafy seadragon.  


  hanson bay

Hanson Bay is on the south side of Kangaroo Island.  The bay has rocky outcrops on both headlands which can be dived when there is no swell running.


4 to 6 metres


Walk your gear down to the beach.  If you have a 4WD you may drive down the boat ramp and drop off your gear, but please don't park on the beach.

Features: Shallow rocky reef, full of fish life.

An interesting dive, but take care if there is any wave action.


  western river cove

Western River Cove is a beautiful horseshoe bay on the north shore.  The best diving is on the western headland, which is a long walk from the car park, but well worth the effort.

Depth: 11 to 14 metres
Entry: Walk around the track to the beach and then across to the western side.

Western Blue Groper, Eastern King Wrasse, Herring Cale and many other colourful reef fish.


There are many small caves and holes to explore.  The growths are plentiful and varied and the fish life is abundant.  Keep an eye out for Leafy and Weedy Seadragons.


  other dives

A number of other bays are suitable for shore diving, and the jetties at Kingscote and Penneshaw are another option.  Contact details for Kangaroo Island dive operators are included in the Useful Links page on this site.


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